Parents Learn the Dangers of Designer Drugs

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ROCKTON (WIFR) -- They're cheap and fairly easy to get, but synthetic drugs can do a lot more harm than the real thing. That's why the Illinois Attorney General's office is sharing the facts with local parents.

Representatives from the Illinois Attorney General's office gave a special presentation Wednesday night at Hononegah High School. They want us to know synthetic drugs are chemical, and those chemicals that have already claimed lives. So law enforcement agencies are going after the stores still selling them.

Operation Smoke Out started in December 2011. In that time, officers have raided dozens of stores across Illinois. State law says store owners can't sell any drugs that don't have a list of ingredients on the packaging. That's how officers have been able to seize more than a million dollars’ worth of fake drugs from all over Illinois. At Wednesday’s meeting, parents say they learned some valuable lessons to take home to their kids.

“The Attorney General's office has done a pretty good job trying to get these drugs out of the community and I want to share with the students more information and how dangerous it is so they can encourage their friends to stay away from these types of chemicals,” says middle school health teacher Dan Baumgartener.

The best thing for parents to know is what these drugs look like and to become familiar their packaging. There are dozens of names for these fake drugs and they are constantly changing. Some of them include K-2, purple magic, and bath salts.

Before Operation Smoke Out started, the Attorney General's office says in some stores, owners were making nearly12-thousand dollars a day selling synthetic drugs. Now, store owners caught selling synthetic drugs could face felony charges and jail time.

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