Dist. 205 Parent Notification Policy

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – There's a bit of confusion among some parents and District 205 school board members when it comes to a Girl Scouts program that all sixth grade girls were automatically enrolled in.

Some operations committee members voiced their concerns at last night's meeting and there's several issues. Some parents and board members didn't know about this program, and there's concern that school directory information was given to a third party.

All sixth grade girls were automatically enrolled in the ‘aMAZE’ program this year, unless families opted out of a parent privacy act during registration. But the district admits, that information is buried in other forms and that many parents don't read everything.

However, a Girl Scouts rep says a letter was sent home to most parents in September telling them to contact their school if they didn't want their child to participate. One parent and committee member didn't get that letter.

"Parents should have to give consent regarding their children and information given out. It should not be the flip side where if they don't opt out, it's automatically done. This is an institution where we're supposed to be protecting children, educating them, not giving people their information,” said parent, Kim Mullins.

Mullins now wonders what other outside parties have been given student information. Meantime, the district is now looking at creating a separate form so parents can see the privacy act explanation more clearly.

The aMAZE program is an anti-bullying, violence prevention program that girls take during health class once a week for two months.

Committee members say they don't have problem with the program or Girl Scouts, but they say something like that should go before the school board for approval. In this case, administrators approved it.

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