Parade Raises Motorcycle Awareness

LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- As the temperature warms up, expect to see more motorcycles on the road and one group is asking people to be more aware.

About 100 of those motorcyclists took to the streets Saturday as they aimed to raise awareness that their hibernation is over.

The Kishwaukee Valley chapter of A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education joined other riders for the Motorcycle Awareness Parade.

Organizers say they just want other motorists to stay alert when driving nearby.

"The people in the cars aren't used to seeing us because it's been a long winter so they're not really looking," said Vice President of Kishwaukee Valley A.B.A.T.E., Ed Triplett. "Motorcycles are harder to see than a car and that's why we have so many issues with that. The more we can make them aware of it, the better our chances are of avoiding a bad situation."

The Illinois Department of Transportation reported nine deadly motorcycle accidents in 2013 across the Stateline.

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