PREVIEW: Winnebago County Sheriff Democratic Candidates

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – When voters go to the polls next Tuesday, they’ll have a long list of candidates to choose from for Winnebago County Sheriff. Today we’re introducing you to the five democratic candidates.

With Sheriff Meyers deciding to retire, the race is wide open with Randal Olson, Glen Heidenreich, Bob Springer, Bob Redmond, and Jeffrey Schroeder all running for Sheriff.

All five candidates have some sort of law enforcement background and all but Bob Redmond have worked for the Sheriff’s Department at some point in their careers. The candidates agree drugs are the biggest problem facing the county.

“Individually, agencies are trying their best to address the violent crime we’re having but what we’re missing is one strategic plan that we can all agree on and I’ll work to address the violent crimes in our areas the same way,” said Bob Springer.

“We have a violent crimes task force in place. Obviously we have to utilize them. They’re taking key players off the street that are very violent criminals and that includes the drug ring leaders,” said Glenn Heidenreich.

“Target the people that are bringing the drugs into Rockford and Winnebago County and from there, you know, we’re not going after the drug addicts, we’re going after the drug suppliers,” said Bob Redmond.

“As with any war you wage, you have to have soldiers on the street to fight that battle and right now, we’re a little on the short side and we’re also on the short side with the internal operations and corrections. You’ve got to have a place to house these people once they’re arrested and you have to have people to guard them,” said Jeffrey Schroeder.

“We need to work with returning offenders because 96% of the offenders we send out of jail comes back to Winnebago County,” said Randal Olson.

We’ll hear from the two candidates running for Sheriff on the Republican ticket tomorrow.

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