PREVIEW: North Suburban Library District Tax

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) – Half a million dollars in funding could soon disappear for the North Suburban Library in Loves Park. Workers are now coming up with an alternative solution to keep funding without costing people a penny.

In Winnebago & Boone Counties, library taxes on a $100,000 come to about $75 a year. $15 of that goes towards paying off the bond which ends next February. That money pays for maintenance and renovations. Now, library employees are asking to permanently build $15 into people’s taxes, this way homeowners will still be paying the same $75 in taxes, but the funding will be on-going, unlike a bond which expires.

The North Suburban library’s 70-year-old building has a laundry list of needed renovations. The library wants to install energy efficient lights to save money, plus years of water damage require a new roof to be put in. Employees are worried that the building may soon not meet health codes.

“By redirecting that money, we can pay for continuous improvements to both North Suburban Libraries, the library in Loves Park and the library in Roscoe.”

Tax payers will be able to vote on the redirection of funds on the March 18th ballot. The funds are dispersed between the North Suburban and Roscoe libraries.

More than 330, 000 people visit the two libraries each year. To find all of our election preview stories, click on the link to our politics page in the related links section.

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