Overstock Website Adds Pet Adoptions

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) – Many of us turn to online shopping sites to find a new pair of shoes or the hottest new gadget but what about a family pet?

You can look up cats and dogs on the WCAS website but now furry friends can also be found on Overstock.com.

There are more than 70 dogs and cats up for adoption at Winnebago County animal services and you an look up many of them on sites like Petharbor.com or Rescuegroups.org and now, online shopping website Overstock.com has started listing available pets.

This news came as a welcome surprise to workers at Winnebago County Animal Services.

“If they’re on Overstock.com and looking at other products, they might see pet adoption links and say “oh what’s this?” and click on that out of curiosity,” said Donna Apgar with WCAS.

That curiosity means families all over the country can look at animals from various Stateline rescue groups and help place more pets into forever homes.

“The internet has kind of opened up the world to other people besides your local city or community. We adopt to people in Wisconsin, Chicago, they drive from Iowa.”

Even though animals are listed online, that doesn’t change the adoption process. Families still have to fill out paperwork before taking home a new four-legged friend.

“Most animal shelters don’t ship animals across the country. The people have to come into the shelter to adopt.”

WCAS isn’t the only group with dogs listed online. The Labrador Education and Rescue Network has several dogs listed on Overstock.com giving more people the chance to see them and bring them home.

Winnebago County Animal Services hasn’t had any pets adopted yet after being viewed on Overstock.com. The company does say more than 2,000 pets have been adopted since this section of the website launched at the end of March.

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