Over One-Fourth of Teens Suffer from Migraines

UNDATED (WIFR) -- Now that summer is winding down students are back in school. But for kids and teens who suffer from migraine headaches this can be a painful time of year.

Doctors say about 28 percent of teens have migraines. For many kids the emotional stress of being with new teachers and meeting new friends is enough to trigger an attack. Doctors say there are steps we can take to make the transition easier. They recommend keeping a headache diary to see what may be causing the migraines and slowly adjusting the sleep schedule from summer time to school time.

Dr. Joshua Cohen, St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, says, "They're getting up at 6 or 7 in the morning, that tremendous shift in their sleep schedule is often a big trigger for their migraines."

Doctors say florescent lights often used in schools can also trigger migraines.

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