Over 100 Condemned Rockford Home Set for Demolition

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some Rockford neighborhoods could look a whole lot different this year. More than one hundred condemned homes are expected to be come down.

City workers say they're targeting vacant homes that have sat empty for nearly a decade and others that have been broken into, saying those pose a threat to people in the neighborhood. More than a dozen condemned properties have been torn down so far this year.

"We see it in all neighborhoods, in my neighborhood I've got three houses very close to me that are now empty," Seth Sommer, building code official, says. "I mean it's a common theme throughout the city, there's been foreclosures, the owners are walking away from them they can't afford them."

More than fifty condemned homes are set to be torn down. Demolition work for those properties won't start until this fall.

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