Oregon High School Freshmen Donating to Food Pantry

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OREGON (WIFR) -- Some high school students in Oregon are giving back to the community.

A Mount Morris Food Pantry now has dozens of canned goods from one day of collection. Freshmen students collected food for the Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry earlier this morning.

It’s part of Freshman Service Day to help several projects around Oregon. Students then dropped off the goods at the Food Pantry inside Brethren Church.

OREGON (WIFR) -- Oregon High School freshman will soon be collecting canned goods and paper products for their annual "can drive", Wednesday, April 23rd. All items collected will delivered to local food pantries to help the hungry.

"This is a wonderful way to teach our students about the importance of giving back to the Oregon and Ogle County communities," pointed out Kim Radostits, the can drive coordinator. "We want our students to learn how important it is to not only be a good student, but to be a good citizen and good neighbor as well, and we think this project teaches them that lesson."

Anyone wanting to donate to the can drive can leave donations outside their front door on Wednesday, April 23rd, and they will be collected between 8-11 a.m. Canned goods, monetary donations or paper products (paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, plates, etc.) will all be accepted.

In Oregon, students will be collecting from anyone west of the Rock River, east of 10th Street, north of Pines/Hill Street, and south of Fairground Circle. In Mt. Morris, anyone west of Hannah St., the east side of 64, south of Sunset Lane and north of Weller Drive (Dillehey Park) will have their donations picked up. Those who would like to donate to the can drive but who live outside the above areas can do so by dropping off their donations at any of the Oregon School District schools.

The freshman can drive is part of Freshman Service Day, where Oregon High School Freshman participate in 8 different community projects all across the Oregon Community. For more information about the can drive please contact Kim Radostits at (815) 732-6241, ext: 1207

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