Oregon Area Groups Donate $3,000 to Oregon School District Band Program

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OREGON,(WIFR) -–When the Oregon School District held their annual Band Extravaganza March 20th, they got much more than a huge turnout and lots of applause. In fact, they got $3,000.00 in donations from two local organizations. The Oregon Booster Club donated $2,000.00 and the Autumn on Parade Committee donated $1,000.00.

"We're very proud of our band program and I think these donations show the Oregon community is as well," said Andy Eckardt, Band Director for Oregon High School. "These donations will go directly toward our efforts to raise $25,000.00 needed for new uniforms for the high school band. We also got $2500 from over fifteen other local donors. We're still a few thousand dollars short but with the great support from the Oregon community we've been receiving I'm sure we'll reach our goal."

The 5th grade, 6th grade, junior high school and high school bands all performed, both together and individually during the Extravaganza. Since this was the 20th anniversary of the event, a special feature took place with several Oregon alumni being invited to attend and performing with the students. Approximately 175 students from the Oregon School District took part in the Band Extravaganza.

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