Operation Safer Streets: Turnover at the Top

STATELINE (WIFR) – Due to retirement and primary election results, the Stateline area is about to deal with something it’s never had to before – drastic turnover when it comes to county sheriffs.

Of the five counties that make up much of the 23 WIFR viewing area, four of them will have new Sheriffs as of December 1st of this year. One of those new Sheriffs is Brian Van Vickle. Barring a late entry in the general election, the current Rochelle Police K-9 cop will become Ogle County’s top cop.

“We share crime. The counties share crime just like the cities do. So, the working relationship is definitely important to me. I think there's definitely going to be a learning curve for all of us. We've never been in this position before so it's definitely going to be helpful to reach out to those people who have been in office for quite some time,” said Van Vickle.

Tonight at 10, we’ll also hear more from Van Vickle and talk with 35-year Sheriff Veteran Duane Wirth who is retiring from Boone County this year.

The only Stateline Sheriff who will still be in charge in December is Stephenson County’s Dave Snyders.

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