Online Scrabble Game Leads to International Friendship

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BELVIDERE (WIFR) – For one local great-grandma, an iPad has helped bring a new friend into her life.

Scrabble is one of Helen Cormie’s favorite games to play on her iPad.

“The children and grandchildren all had them and I thought they looked interesting so I thought why not? I might as well get one too.”

At 90-years-old her kids thought the tablet would help keep Cormie’s mind sharp. They never expected a daily online scrabble match would lead to an international friendship.
Maria Lofstrand lives in South Africa and was one of Cormie’s first opponents in their favorite word game. They’ve been facing off for more than a year.

“She’s very, very bright and very, very sharp, I have to be on my toes when I play against her.”

The pair eventually swapped emails, became friends on Facebook, sharing family photos and vacation stories.

This is the first time they’ve met in person but you couldn’t tell by the way they laugh and joke together.

Cormie calls her iPad a godsend considering things can get lonely with her husband in a nursing home, but with her family and her new found pen pal just a few clicks away, this great grandma says she’s rarely bored these days.

The pair also Skype quite often to stay in touch. Cormie isn’t just on Facebook, her kids say she just signed up for an account on Instagram.

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