One Year After ComEd Opens Training Facility

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s been one year since ComEd opened its biggest training facility in Rockford and the only facility with an indoor training room which has come in handy this winter.

“I believe this is the best choice I could have ever made.”

A four hour commute for the last 15 weeks has been worth it for Savoya Taylor who says training indoors has made the difference between pass or fail.
“I’ve been told to man up a lot of times.

ComEd employees work outside, but when it comes to training, Taylor says its better learned indoors where its warm and you can focus on the new skills you’re learning. Dion Balentine usually trains in Joliet, but in order for his group to finish the program on time, they came to Rockford to use the Indoor facility.

“It kept us from extending the school we were able to finish up everything we couldn’t get done in Joliet.”

At over 120,000 square feet. It’s the company’s largest facility and more than 1,800 people have used the training center in the year it’s been open, including employees who have gone through ComEd’s mandatory training program.

The training program spans 15 weeks and requires 600 hours of classroom and labor training. Jean-Paul Meyer is one of 29 who will complete their certification this Friday.

“Probably crammed a year’s worth of field experience into those 15 weeks.”

“We’ve been able to keep on track with the school instead of them being delayed for a week or two and taking a lot longer to get done.”

It’s not just the cold that can delay progress. ComEd employees say they expect to see more people use their facility in summer months as well.
In order to work for ComEd, they require you to be able to climb those 30 foot poles. It’s basically a pre-test before getting into their 15-week training program. ComEd says more than half of the people they see don’t pass.

ComEd says their next 15 week training course will take place in November. ComEd is expected to break ground on its Chicago training facility this May which should be complete next Spring.

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