One Man Dead, Another Wounded After Shooting in Beloit

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BELOIT (WIFR) – There are few clues to the latest Beloit murder which took place early this morning and right now, no arrests have been made.

Police are now patrolling the neighborhood around the 1400 block of Hull Avenue where officers say two men were shot around 12:45 Thursday morning. Investigators say 25-year-old Jeffrey Hardnett died after being shot several times. Another man, 26-year-old Darius Kilgore was shot in the upper chest, but should be okay.

Right now, Beloit Police are taking action to make sure there aren’t retaliation shootings.

Deitra Green is teaching a group from Beloit’s Fresh Start YouthBuild program how to remodel a home on the corner of Hull and Yates Avenues, but today, it’s quiet inside as detectives outside investigate the city’s fourth murder of the year.

“This is not the first, it’s been ongoing for the last couple of months and they’re suffering right now and they’re hurting,” said Green.

The students aren’t working on the house today as Green says many of them actually knew the victim, so today they’re taking a half day and speaking with counselors.

Officers say although there have been more killings so far this year than all of last year, we shouldn’t panic.

We live in a safe place for the most part. Bad things happen from time to time but we truly believe the incidents that happen and the recent past have all been incidents involving people who knew one another,” says Deputy Chief Tom Dunkin.

The Fresh Start program is also using this tragedy to teach young members some important life lessons.

“It teaches them what not to do and how not to act on their anger, you know, because I think that’s what a lot of it is, is anger and retaliation and back and forth.”
Darius Kilgore, the surviving victim was arrested on a warrant for misdemeanor possession of cocaine and a parole violation.

Police again, have not made any arrests for the shooting.

BELOIT (WIFR) -- A Beloit man is dead, another man is wounded after shooting that happened just before 1 am Thursday.

City of Beloit Officers were called to the 1400 block of Hull Avenue for reports of shots being fired. Upon arrival, they found 25 year old Jeffrey Hardnett ,of Beloit, had been shot multiple times. Hardnett was taken to Beloit Memorial Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

A second victim, 26 year old Darius Kilgore was also taken to the hospital for a single gunshot wound to the upper chest area. He was treated and released. However, upon his release, Kilgore was then arrested for an Arrest Warrant for Misdemeanor Possession of Cocaine and also for a Parole Violation.

Police are still investigating this shooting. No other information has been released at this time.

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