One Former Sensata Worker Finds New Career After Major Lay-Off

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- One former worker at the Sensata plant in Freeport has a new career after getting laid off a year ago; she's one of only about a dozen to land a new gig once the plant closed.

Dot Turner worked at Sensata for more than 40 years; she was a vocal opponent to the company's outsourcing plan. She and around 170 workers lost their jobs when the plant shut down and operations moved to China last December. Turner found a new job selling insurance part time, however, she estimates she's one of about 10 people who found new work, most all of them part time. She adds, the job hunt was far from easy.

“I did take classes to do insurance because you know, with my age; I seem to run into a barrier in terms of being retrained and trying to find a job. Age does play a factor. They say it does not, but it does," says Dot Turner.

Turner says she keeps in touch with many of her former co-workers, and that many have gone back to school or are going through job training classes in order to find new jobs.

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