Officials: Senate Democrats Working on Debt Limit Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) -- With the government shutdown entering a second week, attention is turning to the deadline that's just 10 days away for extending the government's borrowing authority.

Officials say Senate Democrats are putting together legislation that would raise the debt limit -- but wouldn't include any of the conditions that Republicans were hoping to attach to it.

Republicans have said they want long-term deficit cuts or reforms to benefit programs and perhaps a rollback in environmental rules as the price for raising the current $16.7 trillion debt limit.

Reid, Boehner trade jabs on shutdown

WASHINGTON (AP) -- What's he afraid of?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is asking that question about House Speaker John Boehner today.

Democrats insist that Republicans could easily reopen the federal government, if Boehner would simply allow a vote on an emergency spending bill, with nothing attached.

Boehner has said he doesn't have the votes to pass it. Some Democrats think he does.

Reid today suggested that Boehner is afraid it would pass -- and that Americans would find out there was no need to hold the country "hostage."

Boehner, meanwhile, is again calling for negotiations with the White House. He says that's what Americans expect "in a time of crisis."

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