Obama Responds to Young Girl in Letter

LANARK (WIFR) -- A 14 year old Stateline girl took a leap of faith when she wrote a letter to President Obama. He actually responded.

Faith Kurtsinger wanted President Obama to know the struggle of families in Lanark.

So she wrote him a letter through the white house website. After a few months of waiting, Faith didn't think she'd get a response.

But, President Obama did respond and expressed his dedication to help families get jobs in her community and across the country. Faith even took matters into her own hands and donated some of her old clothes to a friend.

"It made me feel good, like it's what you're supposed to do in life," said Faith.

Faith's mother Anne Robbins says she's proud of her daughter's spirit, especially since Faith is challenged by autism.

"She wasn't thinking of herself, she was thinking of other people and asking the president to help other people," said Robbins.

Robbins says this is something her daughter will cherish forever.

"I really wish that Obama could understand or would know the impact that it had on this little girl's life."

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