OSF Saint Anthony Hosts 59th Annual Pink Ball

What looked like a night at the Oscars, is so much more for the Stateline. Hundreds dressed up in tuxes and ballroom gowns for a good cause tonight.

More than four hundred people turned out for OSF Saint Anthony's 59th annual Pink Ball.

The proceeds from the Black-Tie event will completely finance three projects for the hospital, including new surgical and radiation equipment.

Pink Ball guests have donated millions of dollars to the foundation over the last five decades.

"It's been very successful and I think it's one of the reasons that people just keep coming back," said Pink Ball chair Rebecca Epperson. "Because they expect a higher and higher level or an event. It's obviously a black-tie gala, where people get to dress up, go out, in the middle of January, and just enjoy themselves. And enjoy the camaraderie, and raise money for a good organization."

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