Number of Shots Fired Calls in Rockford Spike In May

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Rockford Police say over the last six months they've gotten the upper hand on gangs which officers say has brought the city's crime rate down, but a sharp increase in the number of shots fired recently has cops on the lookout for two gang members in particular

Officers say they're pulling out all the stops to catch these guys before any innocent bystanders are killed. They say the number of calls for shots fired last month jumped a whopping 129 percent.

Police believe many of those shootings stemmed from a fight between Lamarcus Bassett, also known as Kool Aid, and another man, Katarius Ford. Investigators say they've been watching the areas Bassett is known to stay and have even found him a few times, but he's always been able to outrun the cops. The problem now, Bassett knows police are looking for him.

"When you give information to the public, the bad guys or the suspects often get the same information and it kind of gives them a tip or gives them a heads up that law enforcement is looking for them and it becomes sometimes more challenging for us," Rockford Police Lt. Darin Spades, said.

Officers say they have recently made some other arrests of people they believe were behind some of the shootings in May. Although the numbers spiked last month, when you compare numbers year to date they're still down 35 percent.

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