UPDATE: Police Say No Suspects in 2013 Beating Case

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UPDATE: ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A Loves Park man who police say was beaten and left for dead back in November 2013 says he will never fully recover from the incident.

Matthew Eye spent almost a month in the hospital after an attack that left him unconscious on Rockford’s southeast side in November 2013.

“This spot right here is where the brick hit me and left an indent,” said Eye.

The incident happened in an empty lot near Harrison Avenue and 9th Street. Eye says a person came up from behind him, striking his head with a brick. As a result, he needed surgery to relieve swelling in his brain and as a result has left him with an ongoing brain injury, making it hard for him to perform normal, daily activities.

“To know that somebody could do this and not get caught, it’s frustrating,” says Eye.

Matthew claims he knows the person that attacked him. Assistant Deputy Police Chief Pat Hoey says Rockford Police have told Eye to come down to the station if he has information on a possible suspect, which they say he hasn’t.

Hoey says the case is ongoing and that they have no suspects. If you have any information on the incident, contact Rockford Police.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The brother of a man beat nearly to death two months ago has new hope that the person who beat his brother unconscious and left him for dead will turn himself in.

When we first covered the story two months ago in November 2013, Matthew Eye was still unconscious and his family wasn’t even sure if he was the victim of a hit and run or a vicious beating. Now Matthew is awake and talking and told his brother Steven who beat him up.

“He does remember that the guy came up from behind him and hit him in the head with something, he’s not sure what it was but after that he blacked out and doesn’t remember a thing.

The attack happened near the intersection of 9th and Harrison in mid-November. Ye was badly beaten, had a broken hip and needed surgery to relieve swelling on his brain.

Eye is still in a rehab facility but is doing much better. Now that he’s out of the woods, his family has turned their focus to the police investigation. They’re frustrated, saying detectives haven’t even talked to Eye since he woke up from his coma two weeks ago.

“My hope for that is this guy to get caught and the cops to actually get off their rear ends and do something about it. You know, talk to these people that we have been giving them, giving the numbers for and giving the information for. I just want justice for my brother.”

We did speak with Rockford Police Lieutenant Pat Hoey this afternoon. He says detectives were just told this week Eye was awake and talking. He says this is one of hundreds of cases detectives are working on but says the investigation is still ongoing.

Eye’s family says he will spend the next few weeks at a rehab facility in Chicago before coming home. They hope he’s back home by March.

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