North Boone School District Gets $13.5 M in State Funding

NORTH BOONE (WIFR) -- Measures to solve growing pains in the North Boone School District are starting to get paid off. And taxpayers should be happy about that.

The district received $13.5 million dollars from the state. Money will help pay for past construction of the North Boone High School and major expansion of Poplar Grove Elementary amongst other projects. The district took out $45 million in bonds about a decade ago. So there still is a lot of debt however homeowner bond rates will go down.

North Boone Superintendent Steve Baule says there still is a lot of debt, however homeowner bond rates will go down.

"This money will all go towards bonds and interest. the other issue will be what can the district potentially do if there are any other facility needs that need to be addressed. particularly in the wake of other school tragedies, are there security issues that need to be done that some of this money could go for as well," Baule said.