North Boone Libraries Receive Illinois State Library Grant

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BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) -- North Boone librarian, Jane Lenser, has received a $5000 grant from the Illinois State Library's "Another Opportunity for Back 2 Books" grant program. The funds will be used to support library services under the title of Connecting through Books, Connecting with Others.

North Boone Schools have been focusing on anti-bullying, kindness, compassion, and acceptance as a chain reaction to spread positive behavior throughout the school buildings and beyond. The secondary school have been participating in Rachel's Challenge and all of the schools have been trying to decrease bullying and increase tolerance throughout the district. The Illinois State Library just awarded a $5,000 Back 2 Books grant to the district to further these projects. Books will be purchased to tie into these themes at all levels and will appeal to students at a wide variety of reading abilities. By adding quality books to their collections, the libraries will be able to play an active role in supporting the district-wide efforts on these important topics.

North Boone continues to encourage its staff to apply for grants to help to provide additional resources for the children of North Boone.

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