Nordlof Center Looking to Open New Design Room

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The mayor of Rockford wants our city to be more hands on. Tonight he’s unveiling a plan for a city “makerspace”, which will give community members a chance to be more creative.

Rockford’s mayor, Larry Morrissey says an empty room inside the Nordlof Center will be used as a makerspace. They’re do it yourself rooms where people can learn to make and create things like electronics, software, and hardware supplies could be inside the makerspace.

The Rockford Area and Economic Development Council gave the city $75,000 to fund the equipment.

“If we want to be participants in the manufacturing economy, the maker economy, we can’t just hope that it happens, we gotta incorporate it to who we are again. We have to teach it to our classrooms, and we have to support it for adults that are looking for a career change or opportunity to fine tune their own skill sets.”

The mayor is meeting right now to discuss exactly what equipment will be put inside the space. He hopes to have it completed this summer.

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