Police Say They're Getting Too Many Non-Emergency 911 Calls

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It’s been a problem for months, the Rockford Police Department says it’s getting too many calls for non-emergencies but now we’re getting a better idea of where those calls are coming from.

The department crunched the numbers and found it received numerous calls to apartments at 327 North Church Street. Officers also made more than 10 visits to the Brewington Oaks complex in just seven days in February. To help cut down on calls to Rockford Housing Authority properties like Brewington Oaks, RHA director Ron Clewer says they look at all the calls for service made and look for any repeat callers.

We spoke with some residents who agree the constant calls are a waste of tax payer dollars, but they also said they like seeing the Police around.

“No I don’t feel like it’s a waste of tax payer’s money. I believe the police should be here earlier than the times they say they’re here or the times I see them here because activity does go on here before they get here,” said Carrie Davis, an RHA resident.

“Whatever the situation is with the residents, which I do not know, I feel if it’s important to them, they should call the police,” said Gregory Coleman, another RHA resident.

The RHA says it’s trying to cut back on unnecessary calls from their properties by talking with the residents and trying to put them in touch with the actual services they need.

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