Noah's Ark Says it's at the Center of a Scam

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some area businesses have been fooled into thinking they're working a fundraiser this weekend, a fundraiser for Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary, but there is no such event. The shelter believes it's the target of a big scam.

"We've never had anything like this happen before,” Joan Fransen, with Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, said.

As a non-profit Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary has a lot of fundraisers, but the agency just found out someone is using their name without permission.

"A lady called me this morning and said her daughter sent money into a vendor for a fundraiser that was supposed to happen down here on Saturday morning and found out it was a scam," Fransen, said.

Dream Big Events, a company out of Janesville charged vendors $25 for the Noah’s Ark Fundraiser this weekend, but Noah’s Ark says there is no event. One of those vendors, who didn't want to be named, says the company owes her more than $200 for cancelled events.

"She's basically refusing to reply to any of our emails or give any of us our money back for these events she's no longer hosting," one of the victims said.

And she's not the only victim. She says others have called her saying Dream Big Events owes them money too.

"I think she had close to 200 people that followed her Facebook page so probably a majority of them are vendors that have been working with her, have worked with her, or were wanting to work with her so it could be, the numbers could be amazing as to how many people she's taken," the victim said.

Noah's Ark says at least 18 people were signed up for this weekend’s fundraiser which has now been cancelled.

"This is just ridiculous. It's become so huge and she's, I mean she's just a very dishonest person," the victim said.

Anyone who was signed up to be a vendor at Noah's Ark this weekend should call the police department and file a report.

We called the company and left a message on the voicemail asking for a comment but did not hear back.

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