Noah's Ark Caring for Injured Animals

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s been a busy and emotional week for Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Rockford, as the no-kill shelter has seen several animals that were close to death within the last week.

Three newborn puppies with their umbilical cords still attached are being treated at Noah’s Ark Animal Hospital. They were found this morning in a soggy dumpster at a Rockford Industrial Park.

“It’s been a long week, it truly has.”

In just five days, Noah’s Ark has received six animals with heartbreaking stories.

A German Shepherd mix that they’ve named Lindy was left tied to a door knob last week. She’s very thin, has sores and is still under medical treatment.
Two-month old kittens are also being treated after employees say the animals were thrown from a car on the highway Saturday. They have cuts on their faces but thankfully their injuries aren’t much worse.

“It’s been overwhelming, the support is overwhelming from our community. It’s something that we’re just trying to take day by day right now.”

General manager Dena Gates says people aren’t supposed to just leave their pets at the door. She says the sanctuary is full and there’s a waiting list. Gates doesn’t know that there will ever be a solution to the influx of pets but she says people CAN help by spay and neutering their animals.

“Spay and neutering is going to be the key to limit the population to everything in every state, every county.”

There’s an emaciation scale for animals, usually 1-9. Lindy is a t a 1 but we’re told she has more energy now. The puppies and kittens are at the animal hospital and they’re working on bringing in a foster dog to help nurse the puppies since they’re not eating on their own.

Gates says Noah’s Ark is looking to file a report with animal services regarding the puppies that were left in the dumpster.

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