No Wake Zone Remain in Effect on Rock River in Winnebago County

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A no wake zone remains in place on much of the Rock River, causing a lot of headaches for boaters as well as the Rockford Ski Broncs.

The team is being forced to practice in a local quarry. They’ve been able to work on their moves, but say it's not the same since they can't perform for a crowd. The show team hasn't been able to put on a performance in about two weeks because the current on the Rock River is too fast and unsafe for the skiers.

“It's been really difficult not having the shows because we really depend on the donations from the public to put gas in our boats and pay for our costumes and sound equipment and things like that,” says assistant show director Jackie Baxter. “We missed 4th of July show which is our biggest show of the year. That was really depressing but we're hoping the week after regionals the river will be open again and we can start skiing again and putting on shows for the community."

When the team gets back on the river, they will post updates on their website:

To check on conditions on the Rock River in Winnebago Count visit:

The no wake zone on the Rock River has been lifted in Ogle County.

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