No Snow, Big Savings

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STATELINE (WIFR) -- The last time it really snowed was on March 5th, so we're in the midst of the third longest snow-free streak in history. This has been a huge savings to area municipalities.

Almost halfway through the month of December and streets have yet to be covered with snow.

Yet, the Rockford Public Works Department isn't complaining. They set aside $2 million to spend on snowplowing services in 2012. Half of it was spent on salt, still being kept in storage.

“We have a snow event it's going to cost the city of Rockford probably 150,000 on up to half a million dollars," said Tim Hanson, Public Works Director.

Hanson says money saved will go into the general fund. Rockford is well on its way to breaking a 90 year record, where no measurable snow fell for 287 days. We're on day 283. Dan Davis is the operations manager for the Winnebago County Highway Department, which has saved about $90,000 so far this year.

"Without having any snow removal operations up to this point we save in overtime that we don't have to utilize yet," said Dan Davis, Operations Manager.

Snow is still a problem. Davis says they'll have to find a place to store salt that isn't used this season.

Davis says they're using this time to finish construction and other highway project, including tree trimming and truck maintenance.

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