'No Confidence' Vote in N. Boone Superintendent

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POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) -- Teachers in the North Boone School District have taken a vote of 'no confidence' towards the superintendent, Dr. Steven Baule.

Kelly Hanaman, president of the North Boone Education Association, has worked in the school district for about 20 years. She says this is the worst relationship teachers have had with an administrator.

Teachers and community members showed up to tonight's school board meeting, where in executive session, the union handed the board surveys about superintendent Dr. Steven Baule's leadership.

Out of 109 votes, 98 teachers voted 'no confidence' in Dr. Baule, 5 voted yes for confidence and 5 abstained from the vote. Hanaman says the union has been asking to take this vote for the last three years.

"I don't have any outcomes that I hope he'll resign or something like that, that's not necessarily what we're looking for. We're hoping that we can work with him and we haven't been able to in the past, it's really a top-down type administration," says Hanaman.

Hanaman says recent issues like cutting 13 percent of staff, she says, without losing 13 percent of students, as well as restructuring social studies, have caused tension. Hanaman is meeting with administrators tomorrow to learn more about the curriculum changes which combine social studies concepts into a class with reading and language arts.

Dr. Baule says he hasn't seen the surveys yet so he doesn't want to comment. Hanaman says he's told her that the district could bring back one or two teachers who were let go. Dr. Baule says part of the teacher cuts are to save money and other teachers were let go because of declining enrollment; there will be five fewer elementary classrooms next year.

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