New Warnings for Choosing Electricity Supplier

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STATELINE (WIFR) – We may want to double check our utility bills in the next few months, especially if we’re choosing our own energy suppliers, as some electrical supplier may be taking advantage of us.

In the next few months, everyone will see a difference in their utility bills, from a higher price to a different energy supplier, but if you’re planning to use another supplier than ComEd, you may want to investigate the company.

People in Rockford were automatically enrolled into the city’s electrical aggregation program with Constellation, if they didn’t opt out. Homeowners who want to go with a different supplier can still do so, but the Citizen’s Utility Board (CUB) says some utility companies claim their prices are cheaper than ComEd’s rates. A representative from the CUB says that’s not always true, claiming those suppliers don’t explain their cancellation fees or changing rates.

"I did run into somebody with one of the other companies and he explained to me very thoroughly what this was about and i do have his card and I have considered it. He said there's no changeover fee if we don't like their program,” said Rockford resident Alice Stacionis.

If you’re a consumer that is planning to shop around and go with an alternative supplier, there are some things you need to consider, like how long is the contract or if there is a variable or a fixed rate,“ said Ivonne Hernandez with the CUB.

CUB says homeowners can check to see if other suppliers are certified and compare their prices to ComEd’s. You can check out that list by clicking on the related link attached to this story.

Loves Park will keep aggregating prices and use Constellation as its energy supplier. If you live in Belvidere or Machesney Park, you don’t have to do anything because both areas are switching back to ComEd.

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