New Law Allows Schools to Access Students' Social Media Accounts

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STATELINE (WIFR) – Some local schools may soon be able to access our kids’ social media accounts. A new state law could require students to hand over their passwords.

The law went into effect on January 1st and really not a lot of the parents we spoke with even knew about it. Now, a local school district is getting ready to make the new policy official.

Essentially, the new law allows schools to request or even require that they gain access to students’ social media profiles if the school believes there is evidence on the profile that a student violated school rules or policies. The new law was sponsored by Chicago legislators. The Freeport School District tells us they will likely implement the new policy this month.

“We don’t really have control. We have to follow the rules, we don’t get to make them in this case. While we will abide by the rules because we have to, parents can certainly take their concerns to a higher level within the state,” said Stephanie Helms with the Freeport School District.

We’ve also spoken to other district leaders in our area and not all were fully aware of the new law, however, according to the law, every school district has to adopt the policy.

The law will affect elementary schools, high schools and colleges Statewide. Jorge will take a closer look at the law and break it down better for us tonight at 10.

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