New Rockford Ordinance Creates Landlord Registry, Housing Board

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- There are more than nine thousand rental units in Northern Illinois. In Rockford there will soon be some new rules for the people who live in and own those apartments.

Landlords say when they don't know and don't respond to problems like rowdy tenants or more violent crimes, those issues can build up ruining the safety and security in a neighborhood.

These new rules would require all landlords to register their units with the city. This way, when problems come up, police can notify a property owner right away and they in turn can work with tenants to make sure issues don't happen again.

"Notifications will go out right away and then the landlord can do some preemptive work of their own," Alderman Carl Wasco, 4th Ward, says "And if there's a tenant having a problem, they'll have a place to address it that will move things quickly too. So it addresses the chronic nuisance problem and it addresses communication."

The place to address issues that Alderman Wasco mention is a newly created housing board which will work with tenants and landlords to resolve conflicts and make sure both groups are held accountable for what happens on a property.

The database is still being created. We're told once it's up and running, city staff won't have to do a lot to maintain it.

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