UPDATE: Vacant School May Become Veteran Housing

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UPDATE (WIFR) -- Rockford City Council has approved a purchase order to sell the former Church School to Gorman and Company, a Chicago developer, for $1.

If Gorman can secure financing, the property will become apartments for Veterans by early 2014. In total, 40 apartments will rent for $400-$700 depending on the unit.

Parking, laundry, counseling and education will also be provided on site.

If financing gets approved for the project, Rockford City Council will ultimately have the last word on how the property will be used.

Some Alderman expressed concerns that there is already too much low-income housing in the area, and so much "concentrated poverty," could be problematic.


ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- For years, Stateliners and city leaders alike have been voicing complaints about a long vacated school house on the corner of Blaisdel and Furman streets. Now Gorman and Company Incorporated wants to step in. The old school which last held classes back in the 1990’s will be redeveloped into a home for veterans, along with that a possible career center to help those looking for a job. Development Programs Manager Vicki Manson says a project like this could kick off many other additions to the area.

“Because it hasn't been changed, it hasn't been repaired,” said Manson.

During renovation as much effort as possible will be taken to help maintain the history of the old school house.

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