New Point System to Prioritize Home Demos in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- There are more than 3,000 homes around Rockford that have seen better days, and the city has developed a systematic way to tear down some of the worst ones.

There's just a little less than a million dollars in city coffers to take down eyesores this year. About 100 will come down based on a new point system. More points will go to homes if they're near schools or churches, plus depending on how long they’ve been vacant and how badly they have deteriorated. City inspectors have already been tallying up the worst properties and putting them on a demolition list.

“This is not two cities, it's one Rockford and the west side just needs some help with redevelopment and getting some of these situations under control and were starting to remove blighted property," says 1st Ward Alderman Tim Durkee.

The city will use state grants as well as extra money from the city’s sanitation fund to complete demolitions this year.

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