New Neighborhood Watch Group for Broadway Street

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Broadway Street is known for having its fair share of crime, but one new business owner says it’s time to kick the criminals out.

The owner, Suny, is gutting what used to be the body shop near 7th and Broadway and turning the old gentleman’s club into a Coyote Ugly type country bar called Sassy’s Playground. It’s not just the building she’s trying to change. She hopes her renovations help spur a transformation of the entire area.

Suny has been working hard since April to get the bar ready to go for business, but she’s also focusing on meeting all her neighbors. She’s working with the Rockford Police Department to get a neighborhood watch group started for the block. She says if everyone works together and watches out for each other, crime in the area will go down.

“I’m probably the only one typically open around here at night, so I kind of watch their businesses around here at night along with my outdoor security which will all be informed to watch for them as well as during the day when I’m not here, they’ll kind of watch out for me and I think together we’ll do pretty good,” Suny said.

Suny is putting a big focus on security as well. She’ll have private security both in and outside her bar. She’s also installing infrared security cameras and she hopes through these neighborhood meetings, she’ll be able to meet enough other business owners and get them to install security cameras too because she believes just having those up will deter a lot of criminals.

Suny hopes to have that neighborhood watch group up and running within the next few weeks before her bar even opens. For more information on how to get involved in the group, you can call 815-601-3089.