New Meat Names by Summer

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The meat industry wants us to try grilling something new, so after months of research, it’s decided to overhaul the uniform retail meat identity standards or URMIS. It’s a recommendation system for how meats are labeled. That means you might find yourself needing help the next time you are shopping for groceries.

Peruse the meat aisle and you are bound to find something your inner fifth grade self would like--rump roast.

“You chuckle, everyone chuckles. That’s the little kid in you,” said shopper Peter Jones.

But that chuckle, coupled with some cow confusion, is costing the meat industry cash. So the USDA is allowing the pork and beef industries to change its recommendation on how grocers label food. They came up with 318 new names including one for the delectable filet mignon.

Industry experts think by replacing complicated names, they can spur new interest and help shoppers remember what they like better, hence the newly named “Denver roast” which replace the "beef chuck eye edge pot roast”.

“I think it’s just an advertising thing that’s going to get people to buy more of the product, just because it’s a different name, it’s silly, hopefully people are going to see that,” said shopper Sharon Enna.

“Why fix something that isn’t broken? It’s going to confuse the consumer big time. There’s no doubt in my mind,” said Tony Brown, the meat manager at Woodman’s.

Pork chops are getting more confusing. They now have six varieties with six different names, none of which are called “pork chop”.

Woodman’s already changes some meat names. For instance, this cut of pork is actually called “Boston Butt”, but it is the pig’s shoulder, so they renamed it “Pork Shoulder Roast”.

Names for rump roasts and ground beef are staying the same and most other favorites like flank steak are simply getting their title condensed.

“The local butcher is going to get a lot more phone calls than he had before, only because there’s a lot of old good cook books out there that use the old name, and they come into the grocery store and it’s no longer there. It’s there. It’s just not called the same,” said Brown.

Woodman’s sells just a fraction of meat produced, 30 items. That’s still a lot of products that will need new labels.
This change is voluntary. The pork and beef industries hope the change takes effect by this summer. Chicken is not a part of this.

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