New Location for Rockford Rescue Mission

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Black Friday isn't for another week, but some Stateliners are already getting their deals. Rockford Rescue Mission opened its new thrift store, which combined it's two previous locations into one.

Anita Winbush says she can't turn down a good deal, so she had no problem filling her cart at the Rockford Rescue Mission's new thrift store

"I am what they call a dime store diva,” Winbush said.

Winbush says its more than designer deals that bring her back every time.

"The good thing about it is, all the money and proceeds go back to the community to different social services," she added.

She started taking advantage of those services after going through a rough divorce.

“To be able to have agencies like this to be able to help you and to be able reach out and get your feet on the ground again, it just means so much,” said Winbush.

The Rescue Mission consolidated its two facilities and opened a new location in the former Bob's Hardware on 20th street. Winbush's mother, Mildred Hempstead says it brings life into a struggling neighborhood.

"It’s just nice to have something in the community like this and it will draw the people together," said Hempstead.

For Hempstead, that mission has been accomplished. "Everyone in here will find some kind of joy while they're here.”

There are 15 employees at the new location and more are expected to be hired. Donating is easy. There is a drive-thru available for those that want to help.

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