New Location for Culture Shock

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A haven for unique items and a Rockford staple for the last seven years, Culture Shock will soon be moving.

"It's a lot of corky stuff. They do well with the records but it is the other stuff. You can't find this stuff in Rockford, said Rob Clark, a Culture Shock customer.

It’s those one of a kind times that hook customers like Rob Clark, but come October, Clark and many others will be walking in for the last time, that is until the store re-opens across the street in their new building.

The new store at 2239 Charles Street will offer a better layout and more inventory as well as something owner Lauren Davis couldn’t be happier about.

“It will give us more room for parking. It will give us exactly 46 parking spots compared to the 3 we have now,” Davis said.
Culture Shock is part of Winnebago County’s Buy Local initiative and tonight will be holding a celebration to celebrate the success.
“Tonight we are having First Fridays. We will have a couple of live DJ’s. We will also be having some food brought in by Vintage 501 downtown to have a big celebration,” said Davis.

Customers say it’s stores like Culture Shock that bring a diverse element to the developing Charles Street. Customers, Davis says she can’t live without.

“We have the most amazing customers. They really become our close friends over the years and we couldn’t trade them for anything else in the world. We meet someone new and unique every day and that’s just awesome.”

Culture Shock plans to be up and running in their new building by mid-October.

It’s still a secret on what exactly will be replacing Culture Shock’s current building but we are told that two unique businesses will be moving in. That announcement will come later this fall.

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