New Fountain Enhances the Beauty of Rotary Botanical Gardens

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JANESVILLE (WIFR) -- Rotary Botanical Gardens in Janesville, WI, has added a new fountain to its pond, near the Observation Pier. The impressive 3-tier ‘Fleur de Lis’ is an attractive enhancement that shoots water nearly 40 feet high, with a 40-foot wide pattern, while discharging 400 gallons of water per minute.

The new fountain has a high, smooth, narrow, center geyser surrounded by an 8-stream intermediate trellis-style pattern surrounded by 8 lower and wider arching streams that creates a graceful pyramid effect.

The Fleur de Lis was graciously donated to the Gardens by the children of Frank and Nancy Russo; in loving memory of their parents. “We are ever so grateful to the Russo family for their very generous gift. Not only is this a lovely memorial to their parents, it is a stunning addition to the Gardens that will bring delight to visitors for years to come, said Mary Fanning-Penny, Executive Director.”

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