New Fire Service Takes Over at RFD

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The Rockford Fire Department and Rockford Airport officially end a 9-year relationship as a Wisconsin based company just took over aircraft rescue duties.

Rockford fire says these trucks are no longer in their station. The facility now houses reserve units for the Department. Green Bay’s Pro-Tech Fire Services now runs the vehicles that will act as first responders if there’s ever a crash at the airport. Rockford’s Fire Department was told about the move two days before the board made the final decision last August.

"We had the fear we had employees that were going to lose their jobs and as anybody leading any organization that's some of the things you don't want to have happen, we had early retirement offer this past year that allowed us to keep those individuals and not having any layoffs, so that was very good for the department that we didn't have to layoff individuals that we had trained,” said Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten.

The airport was paying the department over a million dollars a year for their services. RFD now pays Pro-Tech $600,000 a year.

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