New Feature Added To Illinois Lottery

CHICAGO (WIFR) – The Illinois Lottery is adding a new feature called Extra Shot to its hometown game, Lotto.

Lotto with Extra Shot will offer players six more ways to win for just $1 more per 2-game set. For an extra $1 per 2-game set, players receive a random, computer-generated Extra Shot number ranging from 1-25 for each game. The Extra Shot number is drawn separately from the six Lotto numbers. By adding six more ways to win, Lotto with Extra Shot offers players better overall odds of winning than playing Lotto by itself. Players who match just the Extra Shot number win $5. Players who match five of six Lotto numbers plus the Extra Shot number will win a pari-mutuel prize of about $25,000, which is 25 times higher than the typical match-five-of-six Lotto prize without Extra Shot.

The Lotto base game will remain the same, and retains the traditional game play, drawing schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) and price (two games for $1). As a special bonus, from November 11 to November 25, players will be able to take advantage of a new promotion: Buy $2 of Lotto plus $2 of Extra Shot, receive a FREE My3 quick pick!
The Illinois Lottery has created an instructional how-to-play video for Lotto with Extra Shot and also introduced a new look, including a new logo, play slip and pay table.

Lotto is one of the Lottery's first draw games and was introduced in February 1983 as a once-a-week, multimillion-dollar jackpot game. After 2,898 draws and more than $9 billion in sales, Lotto is still one of the most popular games offered by the Illinois Lottery. Lotto has created more Lottery millionaires than all other Lottery games combined.

Courtesy: Mike Lang and Chanelle Newton with the Illinois Lottery

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