New Details Released in 2009 Mark Barmore Shooting

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- The 2009 shooting death of Mark Barmore still resonates in Rockford, especially in light of recent officer-involved shootings.

You may remember right after Barmore was killed, the church where it all went down sued the city of Rockford.

Now the city is beefing up its efforts to get that lawsuit dropped, and new details are coming out.

So for the first time, we're hearing what happened from the point of view of the officers involved.

After officers chased Mark Barmore into the basement of a church preschool in downtown Rockford, Barmore was able to grab one of the officer's guns. That we knew. But we didn't know that Barmore pointed that gun at officer Oda Poole's face.

Officer North has testified in the case that "I directly recall seeing Officer Poole's gun being pushed back toward his face. At that moment, I realized I had to take action to stop this potentially deadly incident."

Court documents show Poole struggled to get his gun away from Barmore by putting his hand over the barrel of the gun.

During the struggle, Poole was able to shoot Barmore once in the neck. Seconds later Officer North fired four shots at Barmore.

These new court documents also show that Barmore was not armed; he didn't have a knife.

But at one point, when he was hiding in a room in the church's basement, the officers saw him grab a white, metal object.

It's unclear what that object was. It's also important to point out that according to Rockford police orders, if a suspect grab's an officer's weapon, the suspect should be considered armed with a firearm.

Finally, there was testimony that if you're a Rockford police officer, and someone comes at you, you can go one step above under the use of force continuum.

For example, if someone tries to punch an officer, the officer can use O.C. spray or a baton. If a suspect has as knife, the officer is allowed to use a gun and so on.

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