Freeport Company Looking to Expand

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- A new Freeport company wants to help disabled people who have a love for the outdoors by building customized all-terrain wheelchairs.

"Our chairs are not just wheelchairs."

After practicing surgery for more than 10 years Brian Crowe wanted to do more for people outside of the operating room. So, he founded the Journey Company which makes durable motorized wheelchairs for people with a love for the outdoors.

"We really wanted to make a device that would get them back into life, and something that was not only going to get them out there, but get them safely back," said Crowe.

In just 8 months the company created two all-terrain models, with four-wheel drive. They can safely travel through wet and rocky conditions and steep inclines. The hybrid wheelchair can run for 21 hours without a charge compared to the typical two-hour run time. Crowe and his co-founder Scott Gray hope to eventually hire 8 full time employees.

"Brian and i felt very strongly about trying to give the people who use these chairs, also employment at the same time,” said Gray.

As the company grows, they plan to continue building the wheelchairs here and hire people from the area.

Gray tells us they haven't sold any wheelchairs yet. The starting price for one is $10,000.

The Journey Company has already grabbed the interest of companies in California, Detroit, and Montana. They're already making another wheelchair which will be used in Texas for disabled hunters.

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