Neighbors Want More Security Near Fairgrounds Housing Complex

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Some neighbors say they'd like to see more security at the Fairgrounds Housing Complex, especially in the summer months when crime spikes.

One neighbor says she wants more foot patrols and bike patrols. She says she hears drive-by shootings far too often, especially when its warmer outside.

Eva Ramirez says she heard the gun shots at Fairgrounds early Saturday morning. She lives across the street from the housing complex. Ramirez says even her house has been hit by several bullets over the last few years. She worries about crime in the neighborhood, especially when younger kids play outside later in the summer.

"You wonder who's son or daughter or you know who's relative is next. you know who's going to be shot who's going to be killed. you're not safe around this neighborhood anymore. you don't feel safe anymore," said Ramirez.

Other neighbors tell 23 News they'd like to see more police presence, particularly bike patrols in and around the Fairgrounds area.

Metro Enforcement provides private security officers at Fairgrounds. We're told they're keeping officers on patrol in that area longer since Saturday's shooting, as well as increasing their hours at other housing complexes.

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