Neighbors Say Gaming Machines are in Unexpected Places Loves Park

LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- One Loves Park business is a step closer to installing video gaming machines, but instead of a bar or a restaurant where we typically see them, it's a scuba store. Some in Loves Park say they've been seeing this happen more often, machines inside unexpected places, including gas stations and retail stores.

A Mobil gas station on Alpine Road has five machines, so does the Sonco pool store on riverside. Gaming licenses are pending for at least three other Loves Park businesses, including Andy’s Food Mart, which is not a bar or restaurant, like what's mentioned on the state's liquor commission website. They are licensed to sell alcohol by the drink, so it's OK under state law.

"Back before it was passed I saw it was going to go into strip malls and odd places as people see them but as long as it meets the statutory requirements, my opinion is they should be allowed just like any other facility,” says 1st Ward Alderman Clint Little.

Even though Loves Park Scuba got the required liquor license for video gaming on Monday, the owner still has to wait up to 9 months for the state to approve a gaming license. A total of 45 licenses have been approved for Loves Park though not all of them have machines yet. In October, the city's cut of video gaming revenue was more than $31,000.

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