Neighborhood Group Fights Back Against Crime on Rockford's West Side

After the recent murder on Rockford’s West Side, those in the area are fighting back against the violence. However they're doing so, with a much different approach.

Some who live in the Fairgrounds Housing Complex are teaming up with members of the Rockford Housing Authority for a new initiative called 'New Mix Rockford.’

It’s where the organizations focus on strengths in the community by surveying people on their interests and skills, such as taste in music or cooking tips. Organizers are trying to encourage entrepreneurship by reaching through the arts.

That's something one volunteer says he hopes will revamp his neighborhood's crumbling image.

"Well they describe fairgrounds as a bad community, and we know, maybe the community might be bad but not the people, so we're trying to show them the difference between the community and the people," said Myron Simmons, a volunteer with New Mix Rockford.

Once those skills are determined, Rockford Housing Authority plans to offer a career expo to showcase them in the fall.

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