UPDATE: Police Arrest Suspect in Residential Burglary

UPDATE: Police have arrested an 18-year-old man believed to be responsible multiple burglaries in the Rockford area.

Antrone Cook was arrested shortly after noon on September 6th, 2013 in the 1300 block of Taylor Street.

Rockford Police Detectives conducted additional follow up on Cook’s involvement in Residential Burglaries within the City of Rockford. Cook was charged with the following:

Residential Burglary 804 Soper Avenue (warrant)
Residential Burglary 1804 Genoa Street

Additional Burglaries cleared as a result of Cook’s arrest include the following:

733 Hartford (Burglary to Vehicle)
1319 Boilvin (Residential Burglary)
1005 Furman Street (Residential Burglary)
1220 Taylor Street (Residential Burglary)
1507 Sherman Avenue (Residential Burglary)

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A Rockford home-owner fights back after police say the man shot at 2 suspects accused of breaking into 5 homes this morning. The crime-spree happened in the city’s Churchill Grove Neighborhood which is near Harlem Blvd.

Delwyn Kinsley was drinking his morning coffee when someone broke into his house on Harlem Blvd. He says he walked down stairs to find his computer, smartphone and tablet gone.

“We’re going to be on alert a lot more, locking our doors and windows at night,” said Kinsley.

Kinsley’s house was one of two homes burglarized on his block around 5 a.m, causing one of his neighbors to fight back. Police say a home-owner shot at the suspects as they tried to break into another home across the street. The men ended up dropping some of the stolen items as they ran away.

Paul White says he started locking after he witnessed an intruder in his home a few years ago.

“I think we’re going to always have those types of things, but I think we can protect ourselves a little better," White said.

Kinsley says he plans to buy a security system to keep his family and his home safe.

Investigators are looking for two suspects, 18-year-old Antrone Cook (L) and 20-year-old Deantonio Davis (R), both of Rockford. If you have any information, you’re asked to call police at 815-966-2900 or Crimestoppers at 815-963-7867.

Many neighbors in the Churchill Grove neighborhood say they’ve lived there for more than 10 years and violent crime has never been a problem, but this isn’t the first time they’ve had burglaries. Some people say since many people leave their windows open, especially in the Summer, their neighborhood has seemed like an easy target.

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