National Spotlight Pays Off for Sensata Workers

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- There's a silver lining for Freeport workers who have been fighting to keep the Sensata Technologies plant open. Their protests have gained so much national attention that a California company is coming to town next week to meet with Freeport's mayor.

Turbo Coil makes coils for the refrigeration industry. Many of its clients are huge chain restaurants and hotels. Its CEO says if he sets up shop in Freeport he wants to hire former Sensata workers.

Turbo Coil's CEO plans to fly into Freeport on Wednesday to discuss opening an assembly plant. Turbocoil would hire 25 local workers at first, giving preference to former Sensata employees. He hopes to eventually have 100 workers in Freeport. The company's CEO says when he saw the workers protesting on MSNBC he decided to call Freeport's mayor and see what he could do to help. He was planning to open a new plant in Las Vegas, but may now come to Illinois.

"I heard what they were doing in Freeport, Illinois and the Bainport and the Sensata and all jobs going overseas and that's been my biggest focus over here in California working with different business owners, and trying to secure and keep our jobs here," said the Turbo Coil CEO.

There are a few locations where Turbo Coil could open in Freeport, one location is obviously the Sensata plant which will be empty by the end of the year. All of Turbo Coil's parts and materials are made in America, and the company only uses local vendors.

Sensata representatives say they are still on track to close sometime in December. There are still about 100 workers at the plant.

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