National BMX Competition in Rockford

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – If you’re looking for some family fun this weekend, thousands of BMX riders worldwide are gathering for a national competition right here in the Rockford.

Makenzy Springer isn’t your typical 10 year old. She’s been riding BMX competitions ever since her mom took her to a race park near their home in Minnesota when she was only 5-years old. Since then, Makenzy says she’s learning more than just tricks on the track, she says riding teaches her life lessons.

“How to like not lose stuff because I used to lose a bunch of stuff. Because I always have to know where my bike is and all my gear,” Makenzy says.
“You gotta be responsible. Self-confidence is a big thing you know you gotta be able to believe in yourself; learning how to jump an obstacle or something and there’s going to be fear and overcoming that,” says Crystal Springer, Makenzy’s mom.

Makenzy is one of thousands of riders competing in the BMX Midwest Nationals at Searls Park this weekend.
For John Tucker, racing isn’t just about winning titles.

“It makes me feel young. I lost more than 35 pounds. The cardio that you get out of BMX racing is probably one of the best cardios beside swimming,” says Tucker.

“It’s just fun to watch her progress from five years old to now , what she’s doing at 10 years and some of the accomplishments,” Crystal says.
It’s those accomplishments Makenzy says gives her the confidence to eventually become a pro BMX rider.
The competition begins tomorrow. It’s free, but $10 a day for parking. More than 6,000 riders and fans are expected to be in Rockford. They’re expected to spend $300,000 at local businesses.

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