NIU Police Train for Active Shooters

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DEKALB (WIFR) – NIU police have been undergoing rigorous training this month to prepare for an active shooter incident. Today was the culmination of the disaster exercise.

The simulation involved multiple active shooters barricaded inside a dorm room with students.

Several area agencies took part in the emergency response. The training also included testing radio traffic and the school’s emergency notification system. NIU’s police chief emphasizes the school has to train for these situations, especially in light of the 2008 campus shooting spree that ended in the deaths of six students.

“Regardless of 2008, I realize it’s a sensitive topic in this community but we have to move forward as a community and we have to prepare. There’s a nationwide trend in active shooters and we need to address that and we need to be properly trained and ready to respond,” said Chief Thomas Phillips.

NIU police had been training for the simulation earlier this month at a different residence hall.

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